About the Centre

Evolution of economic ideas were closely linked with the specific historical situation of   each society. But nowadays the economic ideas which are taught as universally acceptable principles and policies are prescribed as one size fit for all. The corner stone of this view stems from individual rationality and utility maximization. Given the kind of socio-economic reality of  the present world economy, the persuasion of  this standardized norm is not helpful for all. At an alternative level, humanism is increasingly foregrounded in resolving present problems and the whole socio-economic and even the political framework is incrementally getting revolutionized on the principles of rights rather than individual rationality. Development thus envisages new economic ideas and policy regimes. Further in the modern economy, especially under the onslaught of capital and its vociferous idea of individualism, the whole lots of issues already emerged so far and in the process of emergence cannot be dealt with the mono lens of capital and its supporting neoclassical idea. This requires studies beyond the mainstream and dominant neo classical ideas that are embedded in present curriculum.

The great visionaries like Mahatma Gandhi and the policy makers of the country have realized the critical role of Alternative Economics for advancing the cause of a just and egalitarian society. They have also realized the need for a research base which can accelerate the growth and development of our country. No doubt, development of a nation requires sustained efforts, innovative ideas and innovations. In this context, we need to integrate various alternative socio-economic ideas and thereby strengthen our research base to meet the challenges of the fast growing knowledge economy. This necessitates the creation of a new inter university centre for advanced studies in Alternative Economics.

Inter University Centre for Alternative Economics (IUCAE), set up in 2015 by Professor Abdul Salim.A of the Department of Economics, University of Kerala, promotes research and studies in alternative economics which would address the problems of the economy and society beyond the neo-classical mainstream ideas. The centre is attached to the Department of Economics, University of Kerala in Karyavattom campus, within 15 kilometers from the city of Thiruvananthapuram. Research studies in the centre are being organised into the following ten focus areas. 

  • Neuroeconomics
  • Open Economics
  • Institutional Economics
  • Ecological/ Green Economics
  • Gandhian Economics
  • Marxian Economics
  • Islamic Economics
  • Law and Economics
  • Economics of Human Capital
  • Economics of alternative development paradigms


The Vision


The Inter University Centre would try to achieve excellence in Alternative Economics. It would serve as an important centre in addressing the problems of the society and the economy. It would also serve as a common platform for the researchers and academicians in the universities in and outside the state. 


The Mission 


To search for suitable alternative methods of knowledge on the basis of the heterogeneity of societies. 


Activities of the Centre


The Centre proposes diverse disciplines. Initially the centre promotes studies in the areas mentioned below. In order to encourage innovative research in these areas and thereby uplifting the research capacity of the University, the centre proposes to offer short term associateships for researchers/teachers working in the affiliated colleges and universities and  also short term inter university student fellowships for post graduate/M.Phil students.

Short term research projects can also be undertaken with the financial assistance of the centre. Being mainly a research and innovation centre, the centre can have Ph.Dprogramme in the study areas mentioned below,preferably for students coming with UGC/CSIR JRF or university scholarships. When funds permit, the centre can offer its own fellowships equal to the university fellowships for Ph.D research on the basis of a screening test or interview or both. The centre also proposes to organize national/ international events like conferences/seminars/workshops/lectures/colloquia by addressing the challenges of the economy and society and offering alternative solutions. The centre will also try to develop  institutional interactions for encouraging studies in alternative economics. Above all, it would serve as a common platform for the researchers and academicians in the universities in and outside the state. 


Manpower to the Centre  


The centre can have the services of some guest faculties /professors on part time basis from the national and international institutions. The services of retired professors can also be availed. The researchers can avail the services of the professors working in the thrust areas mentioned above, in and outside the country.